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Auto Detailing Service Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service /Cancellation Terms/Price & Payment Terms

Our package prices are a price starting point and are not flat rates. V & C Mobile Auto Detailing reserves the right to charge each vehicle according to its condition, the type of vehicle, and the customer location if a travel fee applies. We will go through the vehicle with the customer and provide pricing based on findings and discussed services. We reserve the right to amend any price during the detailing process should it differ from the original estimate, if the detailing job requires additional time due to unseen conditions when doing a walk-through with customer.

We take pride in our work and will always try our best to provide the best service possible to each vehicle. The term of service is for the amount of time reserved by us to complete the “job” you requested and not for any specific outcome. The amount of time reserved is an estimate since the condition of each vehicle varies. It is possible that the job could be less or more than the time reserved. We will do our best to remove Pet Hair and Sand. These services “Pet Hair Removal” and “Sand Removal” will encounter additional fees as they require additional time to complete and will be done to our best abilities. We cannot guarantee that all Pet Hair and/or Sand will be removed during the detailing process.

Buffing services will be done to our best abilities. Scratches, Swirls, Sap, Bird Poop Etching, and any other paint defects may cause damages to the paint that may require auto body repair which we do not provide at our shop. We will do our best to safely remove or blend paint defects but we do not provide any guarantees of end results, as at times we may not know what damage has been caused to the surface of the paint until after these elements are removed.

We ask that customers please remove all personal belongings, money, and other significant items from their vehicle prior to any type of detailing job. We do not remove items from glove compartment, trunk, driver/passenger seat compartments, or center console. If items are left in these area, they will not be detailed. Any vehicle with excessive trash or belongings needing to be removed will encounter an additional fee of $20.

 We do not pull out or remove any seats or equipment. We also do not remove or reinstall any child safety seats. 

V & C Mobile Auto Detailing will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any personal property.

Payment is due on the date the service is complete. We accept cash, checks, Cash App, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). A 2.9 % processing fee will apply to Debit, Credit and invoice transactions. A $30 fee will apply to an invoice or bill of any bounced checks.

Every effort will be made to keep scheduled bookings to the requested arrival window. Unforeseen circumstances may cause change in times. 

We will notify the customer of any circumstances that may cause a delay in arrival time.

Appointment Cancellation

Please try to provide minimum 24-hours’ notice as we are by appointment only and slots are limited. A non-refundable no cancellation fee will be charged for no-show appointments. Please go online or call us to cancel or reschedule any appointments 24 hours before your appointment to avoid this fee. 

If weather conditions prevent us from doing the job, your appointment will be cancelled at no charge to you. If and when this occurs, we will reschedule with our customers. We reserve the right to alter or move a booking when short staffed and/or weather conditions and/or machinery or equipment failure.


V & C Mobile Auto Detailing takes pride in providing our customers quality services. We want our customers to be satisfied with our service. Our services help to recondition and restore your vehicle. No services offered are guaranteed to completely restore the vehicle to any previous or new condition. We will try our absolute best to restore the vehicle to the best condition possible and within the constraints of our resources, time, and expertise. We will conduct a final inspection together, with you, at the end of the job. If, after the final inspection, you find our service unsatisfactory, please contact us within 24 hours so we can address your concern. We may conduct customer satisfaction surveys to follow-up on our customer satisfaction.


We will check the condition of your vehicle for any existing damage during the pre-inspection at the time we prepare for the estimate.  Additional preexisting damage may be noted as the vehicle is cleaned or detailed. We may take pictures of your vehicle immediately before we begin the job for liability purposes. You agree not to hold V & C Mobile Auto Detailing liable for preexisting damage. Please be mindful some stains in carpets and seats may not be removed due damage to the fabric itself,  we will clean these areas but may not be able to restore the fabric from damages. 

V & C Mobile Auto Detailing reserves the right to refuse a detailing job that exceeds our availability or abilities to provide vehicles required services as well as deny customer demands above and beyond the booked detailing.

We will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards any of our staff under any circumstances and will take the relevant actions by law, should any such behaviors be encountered. 

We appreciate your business! 

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