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Detailing Packages


Due to inflation in product prices, we have increased our package prices. 


**Prices depend on condition of the vehicle. Package Prices are a Price Starting Point Only**

Additional charges will apply depending on factors such as 

Family Vehicle, Deep Cleaning, Shampooing for Spills/Stains,

Deep Cleaning for Excessive Dirt/Sand, Pet Hair Removal, Nicotine Stains, Trash Removal, Etc. 



***Please Remove Belongings from vehicle prior to vehicle pick up or in-home detailing. 

We will not remove personal belongings for liability purposes.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Basic Detail

For General upkeep 

after full detail 

Approximately 1-1.5 hours

Package includes-

Exterior Wash & Dry, Exterior Windows, Clean & Wash of Rims & Tires, Light Vacuuming of Carpets, Floor Mats and Cup Holders Only, Light Wipe down of Interior Dash and Console Area Only, Deodorizer



Prices starting at-

Cars- $75

Small SUV- $85

Mid-size SUV (5 passenger)


Mid-size SUV +5 Passenger/ Minivan- $125

Large SUV $135

Exterior Only Basic Package-


Exterior Wash & Dry,

Exterior Windows,

Clean & Wash of Rims & Tires,

Tire Shine, Rim Restoration, 

Hand Wax 


Cars/Wagon/Small SUV

Starting at $75-$115+


Compact/Mid-size SUV, Minivan

Starting at $135+


Large SUV/Pick-up Trucks

Starting at $160+



Exterior Only Plus Package-


Exterior Wash & Dry, 

Bug Removal, 

Exterior Windows, 

Clean & Wash of Rims & Tires, 

Tire Shine, Rim Restoration, 

3 Step Machine Buffing

(Compound, Glaze, Wax)


Cars/Wagon/Small SUV  

Starting at $350+


Compact/Mid-size SUV 

Starting at $400+


Large SUV/Pickup Trucks 

Starting at $475+



Ceramic Coating services available, please call for more information. 

Full Detail 

Best Package

Approximately 4.5-6 hours

Package includes-

Basic Exterior Wash & Dry, Hand Wax, Interior/Exterior Windows, Clean/Wash & Dressing of Rims & Tires,  Tire Shine, 

 Vacuuming of  Interior 

(Floor Mats, Carpet, Seats, Trunk)

 Clean & Dressing of Interior Vinyl, Plastic, Center Console,


(Please note: Shampooing of Seats, Floor, Carpets, and Pet Hair Removal, are an additional charge)


Sedans Starting at- $200+

Ex: Fiat, Toyota Corolla, Cadillac CT5, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series

Wagon/Small SUV 

Starting at- $220+

Ex: Kia Soul, Rav 4,  Subaru Outback, Mazda CX-3, BMW X1


Compact/Mid-size SUV

Starting at- $230-$240+

Ex: Nissan Murano, Kia Sorento, BMW X5 Jeep Cherokee, Mazda CX-5

Mid-Size SUV (5+ Passenger) & Minivans 

Starting at- $250+

Ex:  Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Honda Odyssey, 

Chrysler Pacifica

Large SUV (7 Passenger)/Pickup Trucks

Starting at- $285+

Ex: Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator,  Cadillac Escalade, Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma

Large SUV (9+ Passenger)/ Pickup w/ Extended Cabin

Starting at- $300+

Ex: Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon Denali,  Ford-F350, RAM 1500 Double cab

**Please Note these Prices may Change/Vary as some Older/Newer Model Vehicles change in Size and may have less/more Compartments and Larger Trunks. 

All Package Prices and Services  are subject to change without prior notice

Interior Only 

Approximately 3.5-4.5 hours


Package Includes-


Vacuuming and Dusting of  Interior and  Trunk

Clean & Dressing of Interior Vinyl and Plastic, Center Console, Cup Holders, 

Interior Windows Only,

Cleaning of Floor Mats & Seats, 

(Please note: Shampooing of Seats, Floor, Carpets,  and Pet Hair Removal, are an additional charge)



Cars Starting at $150+


Small SUV/Wagons Starting at $160+


Compact/Mid-size SUV (5 passenger),

 Single Cabin Pick-Up Trucks

 Starting at $190+


Pick-up Trucks/ Mid Size SUV (5+ Passenger), Minivans

 Starting at $220+


Large SUV Starting at $240+


**Depending on condition of vehicle, 

Deep Clean fee may apply

-Leather seat additional $20+

-Pet hair removal additional fee $30 and up


Additional Services-


Machine Buffing Package

(Compound, Glaze, Wax)

Starting at $300


Disinfecting/ Steam Cleaning- 

Starting at $25+

(Includes Spraying Interior of Vehicle with Disinfectant Spray and Steam Cleaning Interior) 


Leather Seat Conditioning- $20-$30

This service is added to all vehicles with Leather Seats.


Headlight Restoration- 

$35-45/ per headlight

(Removes/reduces dulling & yellowing)


Undercarriage Cleaning-$50


Rim Restoration-$20-$40

(Removes excessive brake dust/ stubborn rust/ oxidation)




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