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Ceramic Coating

Why add a Ceramic Coating to your vehicle? 

Ceramic Coatings provide a long-lasting protection layer for the exterior of your vehicle. It protects against the elements that overtime can deteriorate your vehicle's paint and other surfaces like glass and plastics. It is helpful in preventing environmental damage from contaminants such as dirt, tar, grime, bird droppings, bugs, water stains, and other contaminants. It also protects from UV rays that cause paint to oxidize, meaning the chemicals in your paint have started to break down and dry out and you'll start to see the paint fade or look dull. A Nano Ceramic Coating provides protection against UV rays, which helps your paint continue to shine longer. 

Overall Ceramic Coatings not only protect your investment but also require less maintenance to keep your vehicle looking it's best. 

Our Ceramic Exterior Package Includes: 

Full Exterior Wash and Full decontamination of the paint with Clay Bar and Iron Removal 

Compound and Polishing to remove Scratches, Swirl Marks, Oxidation, and other surface imperfections,

 finishing  your paint to a high gloss mirror-like finish

Alcohol Prep, and 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on Top Coat Paint & Trim, 1 Layer of Rain on Windshield

2 Year Warranty*

Starting at $800 

****Please keep in mind for warranty, ceramic protection maintenance is required through our business. We are not responsible for services provided outside our business and will not uphold warranty if maintenance requirements are not completed by the customer with V & C Mobile Auto Detailing. 

Ceramic Windshield & Glass- Starting at $125

Ceramic Wheel & Caliper- Starting at $250

Removal of wheels, Cleaning/Coating Rim Face and Barrels, Cleaning/Coating Calipers

Ceramic Coating Wash and Detox Package- Starting at $125

This is an upkeep package specifically for vehicles that have a Ceramic Coating. Exterior Wash (with Detox Wash and Seal Cleaner) Reboot Silica Spray Sealant (which adds life to your ceramic coating) Exterior Windows, Wash of Rims & Tires, Tire Shine (Recommended minimum every 3 months to maintain ceramic coatings and enhancing the life and vibrancy of your coating)

Our Recent Work

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